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A war hero's welcome back to Pomarico
January 9 2006: Paolo Uricchio

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A war hero's welcome back to Pomarico

A letter from Paolo Uricchio, Munich

Dear JUST Response,

For years we have been denouncing and reporting illegitimate, malicious acts against our family interests to the relevant Italian State authorities which control public administrations. The acts in question have been performed by the “Public Administration” of Pomarico in the Matera Province of Basilicata in southern Italy to the detriment of our property there. Unfortunately we have so far failed to achieve any concrete results. No action whatsoever is being taken.

We have even set up a website, which includes self-explanatory photos and film in order to describe this situation more fully. It can all be read in English, Italian or German. We hope to publish much more documentation soon, including examples of the sort of harassment we have encountered.

It is perplexing that for years I have found myself having to use the term ‘Mafiosi’ in openly referring to all those responsible for the injustices and harassment I have had to endure.

Here is a short historical background summary.

In 1958 Antonio Uricchio, his wife and seven children were forced to leave their native Pomarico in order to seek work in Munich, Germany as there was no work for them in Pomarico. Ironically, Antonio had received military honours from the Italian State for outstanding commitment against Nazi Germany.

Germany gave us the opportunity to make an honest living and accumulate savings. Germany gave us the sort of professional training which Italy was incapable of providing.

We decided to invest all our German savings in Pomarico and purchased 10,000 square metres of land in the new town centre. Despite a thousand difficulties which had to be overcome, we eventually succeeded in building a house in order to satisfy our overwhelming desire to return to our home town. We submitted construction plans and offered to dedicate our “modest abilities” to contributing to the town’s development. What actually happened was that the commercial value of our house was reduced to zero as a direct result of the perverse, corrupt, Mafia mentality which we found ourselves up against.

One powerful official with a criminal record who, together with his “friends”, continues to operate corrupt construction speculation with impunity, was at one stage received by President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi on merit. Yet our complaints continue to fall on deaf ears. There seems to be no limit to administrative perversity in this part of Italy.

Paolo Uricchio



Note: This letter, originally in Italian, was published by JUST Response on January 9 2006.

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